3 Ways Virtual Assistants Can Use LinkedIn To Grow Their Business

I was recently speaking with a Virtual Assistant based in Brisbane. She wanted to grow her business and offer new services.

As a Virtual Assistant, she is fortunate to be part of a growth industry. PR News reported that with advancements in Virtual Assistant technology and rising demand among businesses and professionals, the Virtual Assistant market is expected to experience high growth in the next decade.

And as this Entrepreneur article outlines, Virtual Assistants are a must-have for businesses to grow and succeed in 2017.

But to benefit from the demand, this Virtual Assistant needed to be noticed. That’s where LinkedIn comes in.

There is tremendous opportunity for VAs on LinkedIn – for both attracting new clients, and offering new services. Along with Virtual Assisting, LinkedIn is experiencing a boom that will only grow over the coming years. It’s something businesses need to be involved in, but not everyone wants to dedicate the time to managing their profile and content. That’s where you come in.

It’s a bit like having a savings plan and an investment plan for your money – two things that make sense to put together.

This particular Virtual Assistant could grow her business, both by developing her own profile to help generate enquires, and by providing LinkedIn profile writing services to her clients.  Here are the three steps I shared with her, to help her grow her business and offer new services.

Improve your profile: The first step was to see if there was any opportunity to improve her own profile, to ensure she would be found by potential clients and that she came across as an expert when they landed on her profile. This includes profile positioning, content management and a solid overall LinkedIn strategy.

Offer LinkedIn services: As a Virtual Assistant, she could offer LinkedIn management services to her clients. This includes preparing strategies, writing profiles and providing a service to manage content and updates.

Define your offering: This included defining her services, packages and prices. This way, when making new connections, she would have a streamlined information packet ready to show. This makes it easier to convert enquiries into clients.

LinkedIn and Virtual Assisting are two essentials for business success in the digital age. By bringing the two together you’ll be providing indispensable services to corporate professionals and business leaders, and you’ll grow your Virtual Assistant business.

Kylie Chown is a LinkedIn expert. She helps Australian Writers and Virtual Assistants grow their revenue by increasing their service offerings. Click here to download our 32 Ways Virtual Assistants Can Increase Their Income e-book.