Did you know that LinkedIn generates more leads for service based businesses than Facebook, Twitter, or blogs ? In fact, 80% of B2B marketing leads from social media come through LinkedIn.


Are you a Virtual Assistant, Marketing Consultant, or Writer that would like a unique value proposition that attracts your ideal clients?

Are you looking for ways to provide more value that generate more revenue (as apposed to being a cost) for your clients?

Would you like to have a point of difference that sets you apart from your competitors?


LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media marketing platforms. It is free to use. It is effective. And it is under-utilised by many businesses.

You can use LinkedIn to market your business and get more clients, help your clients grow their business and develop a unique skill set.

If you are a Virtual Assistant, Marketing Consultant or Writer, you can use LinkedIn to increase your profits a couple of ways. You can use LinkedIn to grow and market your own business, as well as have the skills provide additional services to your clients that help grow their business.


About Kylie Chown

My name is Kylie Chown and I am the founder of Kylie Chown Consulting. We help Australian Writers and Virtual Assistants grow their revenue and offer new services. We do this using LinkedIn. I believe that LinkedIn offers Virtual Assistants, Marketing Consultants and Writers the opportunity to grow their business. But first they need to know how to manage their own profile.

 I am also the author of CONNECT: How to Leverage your LinkedIn Profile for Lead Generation and Business Growth in less than 7 minutes per day. I am 1 of only 7 people in Australia to be Certified as a Social Branding Analyst by Reach in the USA, the global authority in Personal Branding.

I personally train, coach and mentor Virtual Assistants, Marketing Consultants and Writers to become LinkedIn Profile Writers so they can grow their (and their clients) businesses.

I invite you to join our free community of Virtual Assistants, Marketing Consultants and Writers growing their business on LinkedIn. 

You can request to join the group here

What our clients are saying

Megan Kirkby

Kylie’s program content was easy to use, practical and informative. As a facilitator, Kylie used technology skillfully to connect with the participants in our small group webinar sessions. Kylie was responsive to questions and provided advice and support by phone and email, outside of the webinar opportunities, and always in a timely manner. My ability to articulate and demonstrate my skills have led to job offers of work, and my Linkedin connections are growing rapidly. Time, effort and money well invested.

Megan Kirkby
Fiona Hall
Kylie is a true expert all aspects of LinkedIn and balances very effectively her technical knowledge and ability to coach in the use LinkedIn to best brand and message an individual or an organisation, including consulting businesses. Kylie is generous with her time and has a personable style. Kylie has really partnered me in my focus to provide clarity on my business offering and present my professional offering positively. I absolutely recommend Kylie as a coach and specialist in obtaining the best value from the LinkedIn platform.
Fiona Hall
Jade Hedley
It’s been great for my business. It’s resulted new clients and has led me to discover that my ideal client (target market) is in fact on LinkedIn. I have had comments made about the professionalism of my bio, yet it still depicts my personality. The training Kylie provided was fantastic so I felt confident to jump straight on and engage with people.
Jade Hedley
Maree McPherson
Kylie worked alongside me in developing my LinkedIn profile when I established my practice. Kylie’s expertise in identifying key words in my profile was exactly what I needed. As a consequence of Kylie’s work on my profile, I have seen a direct increase in contacts from people outside my networks, and increased business inquiries. This has definitely been a worthwhile investment.
Maree McPherson
Candice Griswold
Before working with Kylie on my profile I knew there was opportunity within LinkedIn. We worked together to develop a strategy that reflects my goals. This meant my profile was Search Engine Optimised so that people could find me. The positioning means that I am engaging with my ideal audience. The most exciting news is that my profile views are up 57% already. I am now in the top 10% of profile views which is an increase of 16% in the first weeks. While working with Kylie she made things simple and created the value I was looking for. Great experience!
Candice Griswold
Sandy Hutchison
I worked with Kylie on my LinkedIn profile. As a business owner it was imperative that my LinkedIn profile supported my business goals. Kylie helped me to get found by my ideal audience on LinkedIn. My profile is positioned so that I appeal to my ideal audience. The training and strategy session provided me with a clear path moving forward. Kylie is a passionate professional who is committed to providing a quality outcome and supporting her clients through the whole process. She was a pleasure to work with
Sandy Hutchison

Let's Connect!

I am happy to review your LinkedIn profile and strategy. During this session, I will identify your goals and give you strategies to achieve them. We will identify how easy it is for you to get new clients.   We will then map out a plan to help you get more clients on LinkedIn. A plan that also helps you help your clients. I can also answer any questions that you have.

I offer these sessions for free because I am a LinkedIn Strategist, Coach and Trainer.

I train and coach Australian VA’s, Marketing Consultants and Writers.

LinkedIn is a free tool that is essential in business to business marketing.

I know that a certain percentage of people may decide that they want to engage my assistance to implement the plan. However, this is NOT a sales call. I assure you that there will be no pressure to engage my services. And I will be committed to ensuring you get the most from our time together. My reputation relies upon that.

I am not however able to help everyone. For example:

– This is not for businesses that are not established. This process works best for established businesses with a current client base.

– LinkedIn is very effective for service-based businesses. Ideally you will be a Virtual Assistant, Writer or Marketing Consultant.

–  Our strategies require you to engage with your network in a meaningful way. We do not condone using LinkedIn to build your list without the appropriate opt-ins.

So, with that understanding, if you would like me to map out a plan for increasing your sales through LinkedIn, let’s talk.

Simply send me a complimentary session request using the form. Or alternatively you can email me: ua.mo1537627753c.nwo1537627753hceil1537627753yk@ei1537627753lyk1537627753 or click here to book in using out online booking form.

To maximise our time together, once I receive your request I will send you some questions. These questions will be about your LinkedIn profile, strategy and what you want to achieve. Your answers will enable us to develop an effective strategy for you .

I look forward to speaking with you soon.