LinkedIn for Corporate

Are you making the most of  LinkedIn to increase clients and influence online?

LinkedIn is the number one social sharing platform for businesses. More than 50% of corporate clients use LinkedIn when making purchasing decisions.   LinkedIn offers many opportunities when executed correctly. But it can also result in negative brand perception when not utilised well.

Organisations leave themselves very vulnerable when they don’t have:

  • Team member profiles that reflect the organisational values, mission and ethos;
  • A LinkedIn Communication Strategy and Plan;
  • A Code of Conduct for team members; and
  • Strategies and activities that promote the business rather than damage the brand.

The good news is that these issues can be turned into business advantages with the right training and strategies.

LinkedIn offers companies the opportunity to have a professional business development platform.   It allows you to increase visibility and marketplace positioning. It also affords opportunities for team members to grow their professional and client network.

Many organisations use LinkedIn as their primary social sales platform. They do this with great success, generating thousands of dollars of new business every day.   But to achieve this you and your team need to know how.

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About Kylie Chown

Kylie Chown is a LinkedIn Trainer and Strategist  who has worked with thousands of clients to increase their influence, authority and sales. She does this by developing and devlivering corporate LinkedIn training, coaching and workshops.

She is also the author of CONNECT: How to Leverage your LinkedIn Profile for Lead Generation and Business Growth in less than 7 minutes per day. She has been featured as an expert in the Huffington Post, Australian Institute of Management and HRM America. 

Kylie is 1 of only 7 people in Australia to be Certified as a Social Branding Analyst by Reach in the USA, the global authority in Personal Branding. She has over 15 years professional writing experience and has been using LinkedIn to help her clients since the platform launched.

Kylie's Clients Include:





What Kylie's Clients Say:

Maree McPherson
Kylie worked alongside me in developing my LinkedIn profile when I established my practice. Kylie’s expertise in identifying key words in my profile was exactly what I needed. As a consequence of Kylie’s work on my profile, I have seen a direct increase in contacts from people outside my networks, and increased business inquiries. This has definitely been a worthwhile investment.
Maree McPherson
Chinmay Ananda
Kylie was referred to me by my acquaintance to develop my LinkedIn profile to position my services in the corporate market.  Kylie spent quality time to understand my journey and accordingly worked on my SEO, positioning and connection. I found Kylie to be highly professional who knows her craft. I would highly recommend her service to experts who want to attract leads here on LinkedIn
Chinmay Ananda
Candice Griswold
Before working with Kylie on my profile I knew there was opportunity within LinkedIn. We worked together to develop a strategy that reflects my goals. This meant my profile was Search Engine Optimised so that people could find me. The positioning means that I am engaging with my ideal audience. The most exciting news is that my profile views are up 57% already. I am now in the top 10% of profile views which is an increase of 16% in the first weeks. While working with Kylie she made things simple and created the value I was looking for. Great experience!
Candice Griswold
Dermot Crowley
Kylie recently helped me to come up with a clear and positioned profile on LinkedIn. She took my feeble attempts to write about myself and turned it into a profile that truly reflects my expertise and experience. I feel so much more confident when I connect with people, and have seen an increase in the number of connections I am getting, and the business that I get through LinkedIn
Dermot Crowley
Sandy Hutchison
I worked with Kylie on my LinkedIn profile. As a business owner it was imperative that my LinkedIn profile supported my business goals. Kylie helped me to get found by my ideal audience on LinkedIn. My profile is positioned so that I appeal to my ideal audience. The training and strategy session provided me with a clear path moving forward. Kylie is a passionate professional who is committed to providing a quality outcome and supporting her clients through the whole process. She was a pleasure to work with
Sandy Hutchison

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