Request Your Free LinkedIn Strategy Session


I am happy to review your LinkedIn profile and strategy. During this session, I will identify your goals and give you strategies to achieve them. We will identify how easy it is for you to get new clients.   We will then map out a plan to help you get more clients on LinkedIn. A plan that also helps you help your clients. I can also answer any questions that you have.

I offer these sessions for free because I am a LinkedIn Strategist, Coach and Trainer.

I train and coach Australian VA’s, Marketing Consultants and Writers.

LinkedIn is a free tool that is essential in business to business marketing.

I know that a certain percentage of people may decide that they want to engage my assistance to implement the plan. However, this is NOT a sales call. I assure you that there will be no pressure to engage my services. And I will be committed to ensuring you get the most from our time together. My reputation relies upon that.

I am not however able to help everyone. For example:

– This is not for businesses that are not established. This process works best for established businesses with a current client base.

– LinkedIn is very effective for service-based businesses. Ideally you will be a Virtual Assistant, Writer or Marketing Consultant.

–  Our strategies require you to engage with your network in a meaningful way. We do not condone using LinkedIn to build your list without the appropriate opt-ins.

So, with that understanding, if you would like me to map out a plan for increasing your sales through LinkedIn, let’s talk.

Simply send me a complimentary session request using the form. Or alternatively you can email me: ua.mo1537627547c.nwo1537627547hceil1537627547yk@ei1537627547lyk1537627547 or click here to book in using out online booking form.

To maximise our time together, once I receive your request I will send you some questions. These questions will be about your LinkedIn profile, strategy and what you want to achieve. Your answers will enable us to develop an effective strategy for you .

I look forward to speaking with you soon.