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What the latest LinkedIn algorithm change means for your content

Last Thursday Search Engine Journal shared an article, “The LinkedIn Algorithm Change Could Promote Your Best Posts For Months”.

You can find the link to the full article in comments.

In summary, the article shares that:

🎇 LinkedIn is changing its algorithm to promote relevant old posts through a new “suggested posts” feature.

🎇 LinkedIn says reaching niche audiences with high-quality content is more important than broad reach or vanity metrics.

🎇Content creators should focus on providing unique value and insights, especially through long-form, in-depth content and use content types that support this.

With the priority being targeted value over mass reach, the goal of this change is to actively match users with relevant content based on their needs, rather than simply displaying the most recent posts.

So, what does this all mean for you if creating content is part of your LinkedIn strategy?

🌟With the focus on quality over quantity, and LinkedIn prioristing  “knowledge and advice”, if your focus has been short-copy, high volume posting, consider shifting towards, or incorporating, unique high-quality, deeper insights in the content you create.

🌟 Long form knowledge-based content is a prime target for LinkedIn’s new suggested post and newsletter features. If you’re not doing so already, consider experimenting with long-form content such as longer posts as well as articles or newsletters.

🌟 Identify and priortise target groups and communities and engage with these groups within key areas of expertise and interests.

🌟Review analytics to see what content resonates with your audience. Let data guide your strategy rather than following hypothetical hacks or what has worked for someone else.

➡️ My Key Takeaway

Last week, an attendee at LinkedIn Local Brisbane CBD shared with me that they had been told that they should be posting on LinkedIn 5 days a week to be effective. As this was unattainable for them, they had not been posting anything at all.

As I shared with them, I didn’t see that posting 5 days per week was an efficient or effective strategy for most, and that, in fact, one of my most successful clients at the moment, are currently posting just once per week on LinkedIn.

Now that LinkedIn has introduced these changes to the algorithm, I believe this further supports an approach that allows users on LinkedIn to prioritise quality content. Reducing the pressure of volume posting and the associated traditional vanity metrics. Hopefully this opens the platform of content creation to more users.

In summary –

➡️ Focus on providing genuine value and insight.
➡️ Engage with niche professional communities.
➡️ Less can be more – think quality over quantity.
➡️ Consistency and depth of content is important.
➡️Consider long form content that provides knowledge and education.

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