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Making Your Content Visible and Impactful.

In April, I presented at several events, addressing common questions about content that often arise during my training sessions. This month, I’m compiling and sharing these insights with you, along with what is new on LinkedIn.

✈️ How do you make an impact on LinkedIn using content, particularly if you are starting out?

This is one of my favorite slides to include in presentations, as it provides a step-by-step guide to making an impact on LinkedIn using content.

Making an impact on LinkedIn using content.

Start where you are, take the next step, progress at your own pace and you will be well on your way to creating impact on LinkedIn through content. Every step count, quality over quantity and consistency over volume.

You can read more details on the steps in the post here.

✏️Who will see my LinkedIn content?

LinkedIn Algorithm

Another question that comes up in training is, “How does the LinkedIn algorithm work, who exactly will see my content?”.

LinkedIn has not published specifically how their algorithm works, they provide general advice on best-practices and it’s also worth noting that the LinkedIn algorithm changes often. With that in mind, it’s always best to test and measure what works best for you and for your audience.

What I have found it that specific actions will impact which LinkedIn connections or followers are more likely to see your content. These include:

🌟Who Engages with You: If a person engages with your content, these people are more likely to see future content, the regularity, quality and timeliness of their engagement also influences future visibility.

🌟New Connections: Your new connections and followers are more likely to see your content in their feed. If they engage with your content, they will continue to see it, if not, what they see may reduce over time.

🌟 Content Media Types: If a person favors a particular content media type, for example video, and you produce content in this format, they are more likely to see it.

🌟Direct Messaging: Sending a direct message on LinkedIn influences content visibility. If you have been messaging a person on LinkedIn it increases the likelihood of them seeing your content.

You can read more in the full post here.

🎤 Events and Presentations


Throughout the previous month I partnered with and presenting at several corporate and public events. These included:

➡️ Build your confidence on social media with the Institute of Public Accountants Women in Practice Series.

➡️ Leveraging LinkedIn for Accountants and Leveraging LinkedIn for Employee Attraction at the Accounting Business Expo.

➡️ Delivered a LinkedIn Masterclass for members of the Brisbane Women’s Club.

➡️ Leveraging LinkedIn for Coaching Businesses with ICF Australasia Chapter.

You can learn more presentations and training here.

📰 What’s News on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has launched LinkedIn Premium Company Pages.

LinkedIn share that: “LinkedIn Premium Company Page is a subscription to help you make your Page stand out and convert more LinkedIn members into clients for your business.

Premium Company Page gives you access to certain features that are only available to premium subscribers.”

Should you upgrade too Premium Company Pages?

As with most things on LinkedIn – it depends. Review your strategy and objectives and if the features in LinkedIn Premium Company Pages support you to achieve this, test and measure to see what impact it has.

You can read more about LinkedIn Premium Company pages, including details on the additional features, by clicking here.

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