About Kylie

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My name is Kylie Chown. 

I am a consultant working in the digital marketing industry.

I specialise in helping business owners, professional service providers, corporate business grow their business using LinkedIn. I developed a 5-step process to help me get found by my ideal client.

In fact, 80% of my business comes from my LinkedIn profile.

I spend zero dollars on advertising. I have worked with thousands of professionals to help them achieve the same results.

Following our 5 step process from initial LinkedIn profile development to lead generation strategy implementation.

My work has been recognised in the following:

  •  Named the #2 LinkedIn Expert in Asia-Pacific and #1 in Qld in 2019 by the Social Media Marketing Institute.
  •  2019 Finalist in the Best Use of LinkedIn for the Social Media Marketing Institute Awards across 2 campaigns.
  • 2018 Top 10 LinkedIn Experts in Asia-Pacific as named by the Social Media Marketing Institute.
  • 1 of only 7 people in Australia to be Certified as a Social Branding Analyst by Reach in the USA.
  • Author of Connect: Leverage your LinkedIn profile for business growth and lead generation in less than 7 minutes a day.
  • Been featured in Social Media Examiner, Social Media Marketing Institute, Huffington Post and Australian Institute of Management.

I have 15 years of professional writing experience and I have been using LinkedIn to help my clients since the platform launched.

I have found that many professionals are not getting results from their LinkedIn profile.

They just don’t know how.

They are time poor and don’t know where to begin. I solve these problems by providing training, consulting and LinkedIn profile writing services.

I want to share how you can increase your reputation, authority and sales.

LinkedIn is a free tool that must be part of the marketing strategy of every business. I am on a mission to ensure that businesses are not missing out just because they don’t know how.

We have a reputation for helping our clients to achieve the results they want.

From building their profile to helping them implement their strategy to get more leads.

Are you making the most of LinkedIn to increase clients and influence online?

Contributor | Speaker | Advisor