I recently spoke to a client who was an accountant and had recently bought a new home. He noticed that his real estate agent had endorsed him for financial planning skills. The accountant was perplexed – why was his real estate agent giving him endorsements for a skills he knew nothing about?

Many clients ask why they should bother with skills and endorsements. Your endorsements contribute to your SEO, as well as influencing those who look at your profile.

DMR reported that there is a 13 x increase in profile views for LinkedIn members that list skills on their profiles.

Although endorsements are not a favourite feature of LinkedIn there are some ways to make them work for you.

Three ways to get your skills and endorsements working for you include:

Control what you are endorsed for and how this is presented on your profile

Although we can’t control who is endorsing us, we can control what we are endorsed for, the order they appear and their visibility within your profile. The first step to having quality endorsements is controlling what you are endorsed for. The easiest way to do that is to manually add skills and expertise that you want to be endorsed for to your profile.

Leverage endorsements

If you want to increase the testimonials in your LinkedIn profile, you can start by looking at who has endorsed you. You already know these people think highly of your work and are prepared to say so in a public space, so you may consider asking them for a testimonial.

Endorsements for others

By endorsing others, you will increase your own viability when that person is viewed in LinkedIn, but remember that what you endorse others for also reflects on you. Only first-level connections can endorse you, so by growing your network you are growing your possible endorsers. It also helps others to understand what you’re known for.

Top tip: List skills that are consistent with future industry needs to be ahead of the game. For example, if there is imminent change for your industry, list this as a skill. This gives you the opportunity to be endorsed for it and supports search engine optimisation outcomes.

By taking control of your skills and endorsements you can get them to work for you.

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