Recently I worked with a client who was a Senior Manager with a global business. Sure – she understood why she should be on LinkedIn, seen the benefits of having a search engine optimized profile and why she should be an active user. As we talked, her resistance around committing more time to her LinkedIn profile became clear, she needed to see if her LinkedIn account was actually working.

“…but how will I know it is actually working?”

Like many busy professionals, she was looking for a tangible measure – a Return on Investment on her time.   These are the top tips that I shared with her to measure the effectiveness of her profile:

  •  Record Information: Before making changes, screen shoot search results. As the data recorded is on a weekly basis, once changes are made I recommend screen capturing data on a weekly basis.
  • Who Has Viewed Your Profile: See who has viewed your profile and if they are (by majority) your ideal audience.
  • What Action Did They Take: Review your actual profile views and compare this to the action taken. This way you can see the impact on your actions. For example, if you posted an article on a specific date you can check the views and actions for those days. If you post multiple articles you can see which generates the most views and actions.
  • How They Found You: If you have a premium account, you can check the “Viewers found you from LinkedIn Search” to identify how they found you and also what key words they used that lead to you.

By giving this client a measure, she was in a stronger position to make informed decisions about changes she made and content she developed for her profile. Subsequently, she was in a position to leverage LinkedIn to its fullest capabilities.

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