work with a lot of clients, teaching them how to position themselves and their business for growth using LinkedIn. One of the key aspects that I emphasise for all my clients is connecting and engaging with potential clients. This is where you can really drive results and convert LinkedIn connections into quality clients.

LinkedIn offers unique opportunities to move people from leads to customers. But it can be difficult to know where to start.

The first step to generating warm leads on LinkedIn is to create an expert presence.

There is no point in reaching out to engage with potential clients if your LinkedIn profile is not supporting you as an authority in your field.

The keys here are creating a compelling summary and sharing content to create an online presence that demonstrates your expertise. Then, it’s time to begin the conversation.

Here are my 5 steps for helping your LinkedIn connections so they want to be your clients:

Start With A LinkedIn Summary That Conveys Your Value

Before you can communicate with your LinkedIn connections to convert them to customers, your LinkedIn summary needs the right positioning.

As potential customers read your summary, you want them to feel like you understand their problem and can help them solve it. They need to be confident in your skills and expertise to help them achieve a result.

They want to see that you’ve done it before.

At the end of your summary make it easy for prospects to take the next step with you.

Leverage the LinkedIn Feed to Deliver Content That Establishes Your Expertise

When you share content on LinkedIn, focus on the topics for which you want to be known for. You can share a mix of your own content from LinkedIn Publisher, as well as content you’ve curated.

The content you write yourself also needs to demonstrate that you’re an expert in your field. Show your LinkedIn connections that you understand them and their challenges.

For curated content, look for articles that your ideal customers will value and add your own opinion or insight. For example, you might share an article about the future of your industry and add your thoughts about what the article has to say. A roundup of popular topics about your field can show prospects you stay up to date and can help them do the same.

Sharing content on LinkedIn has several benefits. With your posts and the comments, you have an opportunity to talk directly to your ideal audience. Sharing content frequently and consistently also helps you maintain visibility in the LinkedIn feed.

Customise LinkedIn Conversation Starters for Initial Outreach

People like to be acknowledged and congratulated, and you can use LinkedIn to recognise your connections on special occasions. Occasions are a great opportunity to reach out and communicate with people.

You can see special occasions in your news feed. LinkedIn also provides notifications when a connection has a birthday, takes a new position, or is celebrating a career milestone. To view the special occasions, click the Notifications tab in the upper right.

When you click the Say Congrats button, LinkedIn opens a new message to your contact with a brief starter such as, “Congrats on your work anniversary!” ensure you add a personal message following the starter, to make your message stand out.

Monitor Notifications for Special Occasions to Celebrate

40% of users access LinkedIn every day.

One of the vital benefits of social media is the capacity to portray your business in a more human way. This is achieved when employees interact with your followers regularly, offering face value to the company’s identity.

Externally, your brand becomes less abstract and more human. This allows you to build trust and emotional connections with customers, peers and investors. Creating this “human” brand can only be invented by actual human interaction. If your goal is to be seen as an engaged organisation, team members and their online profiles are instrumental in this process.

Develop Communication To Engage In Conversations

The key to converting connections into customers is to engage them in your internal process. One way to do this is targeted communication.

Your scripts are not content that you copy and paste, sending the same content to every connection.

Think of the scripts more as frameworks to guide your writing. You can develop a series of scripts to help you keep your LinkedIn messages aligned with your goal.

A large number of people have more than 500 LinkedIn connections. This is an untapped resource of potential customers for businesses. By establishing yourself as an authority in your field and engaging in personalised communication, you can convert these potential leads into customers.

Thank-you for reading my article. This article was originally published on the Social Media Examiner.

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