6 Ways LinkedIn Can Help Start-Up Soloprenuers and Consultants

Forbes recently reported that “by 2020, many predict that freelancers will make up 50% of the labor force.”

I have worked with, and am seeing an increase in the number of clients that are start-up Soloprenuers and Consultants who are setting up a LinkedIn profile as their number one step of setting up their business – even before creating a website.

Often, having a strong LinkedIn profile is cheaper and faster for them to set up, they can hit the ground running and access their ideal buyers in corporate markets more easily.

Start-up Solopreners and Consultants can use LinkedIn to:

  •  Support establishment and positioning in their niche market.
  • Leverage search engine optimisation with industry keywords allowing them to be found by their ideal audience.
  • Nurture and strengthen relationships with clients and industry professionals that otherwise would be more difficult to identify and connect with.
  • Position themselves to appeal to their ideal audience by tailoring language, communication messages and media plugins.
  • Support expert positioning and increase visibility by curating, creating and commenting on content.
  • Find and access their ideal buyers in a corporate marketplace by leveraging the advanced search functionality with LinkedIn.

As you can see, LinkedIn offers Start up Soloprenuers and Consultants a low cost tool to connect with their ideal audience, establish an online presence and connect with their ideal audience.