Does Your LinkedIn Profile Need A Reboot?

Does Your LinkedIn profile need a reboot?

➡️ Does Your LinkedIN Profile Need A Reboot?
🗨 At a recent event I was talking to a business owner about how the new financial year was about 6 weeks ago.
I asked her if she had any plans for the new financial year.
She told me all about her new service offerings.
She told me that she wanted to launch new services and attract a new type of client.
When I looked at her profile it told me another story – it was all about her past, not her future!
🤔 Nothing in her profile matched what we talked about.
Recent research highlights that “there are 2 new people joining LinkedIn each second, there are 475 million users and 106 million unique visitors a month”.
With data like this, it was clear to see why LinkedIn was still very much part of her strategy.
But it wasn’t going to work if it was focused on her past, not her future.
She needed a LinkedIn reboot!
If you are like her and think you need a LinkedIn reboot, some areas to focus on include:
☑️ 1) Your SEO: LinkedIn, first and foremost, is a search engine.
In other words, it’s like Google in that it’s designed for people to use to search for what they’re looking for.
Not only does this mean that you can turn up in a search result in LinkedIn; you can also turn up in a Google search.
➡️ Reboot 1: One of the first things you need to do to reboot your profile is to have the right keywords in the right places in your profile. This means you will be found for what you want to be found for.
☑️ 2) Your Positioning: When you have positioning, it means you stand out from your competition. You can do this by writing articles, having a visual impact and sharing your expertise.
It is also about your social proof and testimonials. You want testimonials that reflect your ideal client.
➡️ Reboot 2: Look at your profile through the lenses of your ideal client. Does it talk to them and their problems? Are your recommendations from people they can relate to? Does it show confidence that you can help them?
☑️ 3) Your Connection:  The three elements of connection are: 1. Strategy (What) 2. Leads (Who) and 3. Responses (How).
You need to know what you are saying. You need to know who you are talking to and how you are going to say it.
Remember that connection is key to a successful LinkedIn lead generation strategy.
➡️ Reboot 3: Have you defined your target audience? Do you know who you want to connect with?  How you will do it?  And what you will say?
Does your profile need a reboot for the new financial year?
Let’s find out! Email me at to book a complimentary LinkedIn Strategy Session.
During this session, I will identify your goals and give you strategies to achieve them.
We will identify if clients can find you (or not) and check your profile is engaging. We will then map a plan to help you get more clients in the next financial year.

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