Recently, I spoke with a business owner who had a small sales team reporting to her. I asked her if she used LinkedIn, to which she replied, “Yes.” I asked if her team used LinkedIn, to which she replied: “No, I don’t want them to get poached for other roles.” It is important to ensure your LinkedIn strategy aligns with your purpose

I explained to her that to be effective, LinkedIn profile development needs to have a specific purpose. Once the purpose is established, a strategy can be developed to ensure the profile meets the purpose.

The strategy we use for business development is different to the strategy we use for job seekers. Being without a strategy is a bit like being in a noisy room – you hear a lot, but you don’t hear anything clearly.

An article recently published by Mind Tools stated that although some people use LinkedIn for job searches, LinkedIn can also help organisations increase visibility for their products and brands. My top tips to ensure your LinkedIn profile aligns with your purpose include:

  • Know your audience, know what they want, and deliver it. A job seeker’s audience includes recruiters, while a sales team’s audience includes clients. What one audience wants to see in your LinkedIn profile is very different to the other.
  • Research and identify how your audience will find you. By knowing how your ideal audience finds you, you can target your keywords to align with the search terms your audience uses.
  • Have the right plugins. For a job seeker, this is more about a personal website; whereas for businesses, it is a great opportunity to leverage internal communications.
  • Ensure that your call to action aligns with your goals and purpose. A LinkedIn profile that is being used to support business development, will have a different call to action than job seekers.
  • Maintain and grow connections that support alignment to your purpose.

By aligning your LinkedIn strategy with purpose, you can ensure your profile cuts through to your ideal audience.

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