Magic Happens are 500+ Connections. Fact or Fiction?

Recently I was delivering a LinkedIn training session to a team in Brisbane. One of the team members asked me if he should try and achieve 500+ connections on LinkedIn.

He thought that once he made it to the ‘magic 500+’ he’d get better results from his LinkedIn profile.

He had heard others speak about their high number of connections. He felt like he wasn’t making the most of his LinkedIn profile unless he hit 500+ connections.

As I explained to him, sometimes it is about quality over quantity.

Your connection strategy on LinkedIn should align with your purpose. It should reflect what you’re trying to achieve.

Sure, you can be connected with 500+ people on LinkedIn. But if they’re not engaged in what you’re saying, if they’re not your ideal audience or you’re not adding value to them, it’s not as valuable as it could be for anyone.

Steve Jobs once said “Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is much better than two doubles.”

On the other hand, the amount of connections you have increases the amount of search results you’re in. But you ideally want to be connecting with your ideal audience to support your goals.

As Forbes recently shared in one of its articles:

“One of the easiest mistakes you can make is to focus on ‘vanity metrics’, instead of the metrics that really matter.

Vanity metrics are things like page views, number of followers, or the number of downloads of your free report. They make you feel good, but they don’t actually add anything to your bottom line.”

My advice to this client was to strategically grow his network. There’s no doubt that the more connections he has the more searches he will be returned in. But don’t loss focus on the benefits of quality.

Some of the metrics I shared with him to consider in addition to his total number of connections included:

  • How many of your ideal potential audience are you attracting?
  • And then how many are you moving into your internal sales processes?

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