Should I Join A LinkedIn Engagement Pod

Last week I was speaking with a client. He had been asked to join a LinkedIn engagement pod.

I first asked him if he understood what a Pod was, and he admitted he wasn’t sure.

Every LinkedIn Engagement Pod is different. The basic theory of a LinkedIn engagement pod is that connections in the Pod share each other’s articles.

The reason that people do this is because of LinkedIn algorithm.

As this article from LinkedIn explains, “The rate at which the post is engaged with determines whether a piece of content is clear (high quality), low quality, or spam.

This analysis is used in scoring your post for distribution.

A high-quality post gets moved on to the next phase of scoring which could ultimately lead to “viral” content.

In theory, this sounds like a great idea.

But I shared with him some other aspects to consider before joining a LinkedIn Engagement Pod.

1 – What is the impact on your strategy?

If you are engaging in a pod the expectation will be that you share the content of others.

You restrict your ability to decide for yourself what you share, like and comment.

This could impact your brand message, strategy and leave your connections confused.

Reflection: How does sharing this content align with my business strategy? And what is the effect?

2 – What is the impact on your relationships?

Key to LinkedIn is being able to develop and nurture relationships.

One way to do this is by contributing quality content.

Are you engaging your connections in a meaningful way? Or just being seen?

Reflection: How is the content I am sharing support my relationship with my connections?

3 – What is the impact on the value that you deliver to your audience?

Content development is about delivering valuable content to your connections.

Content that is meaningful and displays your expertise.

Will sharing the content of your pod allow you to continue to deliver quality to your audience?

Reflection: Would you have shared, liked or commented on this content before joining a LinkedIn Engagement Hub?

The basis of LinkedIn Engagement Pods can be appealing for some. But can also have a negative impact on your strategy, relationships and quality.

On top of this, the time you spend in engaging in your pod is the time that you could be used to develop an authentic network of engaged connections.

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