In Ctrl Alt Delete, Mitch Joel introduces “digital first”: the concept that the first place we learn about people is online. This means that people are making decisions based on what they read online, so you don’t even know the opportunities you could be missing.

I worked with a client on her LinkedIn profile. When I was working with her, I highlighted the importance of writing your LinkedIn profile in the digital-first world . She was in a service-based industry and, after 15 years of experience, was looking to go out on her own and establish herself as a consultant.

This client strategy included a number of elements: one being to use LinkedIn in order to be found by and engage with prospective clients.

Here are my top tips for writing your LinkedIn profile in a digital-first world.

Understand people are making decisions based on the information they read

In this case, my client’s LinkedIn profile was potentially the first place people found information on her and decided whether to take further action. This meant her profile needed to quickly appeal to and engage with her audience.

Support subjective statements with evidence

As she was starting her own business, her ability to achieve results needed to be supported with evidence of past achievements, testimonials from people her ideal audience could relate to, and quantifiable results.

Make it easy for people to contact you

Having a strong call to action that included contact details meant her prospective clients could easily take further action.

Moving forward, my client’s LinkedIn strategy to support her “digital first” impression included:

  •  Posting search engine optimised articles to support her validation as an expert. This is a great (low-cost) alternative to a personal blog if you don’t have one.
  • Editing her summary and headline to reflect her business plan and targeted audience.
  • Joining and commenting in groups to increase visibility and build credibility.
  • Curating information of value to her audience.
  • Sharing and promoting business and industry events.

By using LinkedIn effectively, this client could support her positioning to maximise her future success.

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