Should I have my team members LinkedIn profiles written?
Won’t that make them more attractive to recruiters?

Did you know that:

– 75% of job seekers validate managers and CEOs on LinkedIn when they apply for a role.
– Up to 60% of a buying decision is made before you have even heard from a customer.

Today we are in a digital-first world, a world where people learn about you (and your business) online before they meet you in person.

A key component of this for business is how their LinkedIn organisational strategy positions the company page and the key team members LinkedIn profiles.

But where do you start?

Seth Godin, one of the world’s leading marketing authorities, describes in his book Linchpins, those people in organisations who are highly leveraged and have a high impact on the business and its success.

In your organisation, these may not just be salespeople, but technical experts or those who have high visibility outside the organisation.

When deciding on who needs to have their LinkedIn profile written, you might like to think about those people in your organisation who are linchpins.

It’s important to make sure these people have a well-written profile. You need to consider their roles, write with a purpose and include their personalities.

Everybody has a different role in your organisation, but remember it’s not just about dealing with customers. It’s about dealing with suppliers, the community, removing roadblocks, validation, and building trust within your business.

This is for your team to create profiles that attract your ideal client (not recruiters). The profiles need to support internal marketing functions so they generate leads.

A LinkedIn profile works for your business 24/7, so it needs to align with your goals and support your face-to-face activity.

You need to make sure your team’s profiles fully search engine optimised. That they have a professional presence and are well-validated.

From here, with a strong communications strategy your team and social media policy, can engage online without putting your brand at risk.

You need to educate your team members on what to say, whom to say it to and when to say it, with a social media policy that underpins this activity.

A better question might be:

“If my ideal customer was viewing the team on LinkedIn, am I happy with what they see?

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