I recently worked with a client who was an expert in her field. After being employed for most of her working life, she had decided to start her own consulting business. We worked through establishing a profile that was search engine optimised, positioned her as an expert and facilitated connection and engagement. We then looked at how she could future position herself on LinkedIn and talked about creating posts on LinkedIn.

At first, she was hesitant, but she soon discovered there are a number of advantages. When you consider Expanded Ramblings’ report that there are 30,000 long-form posts created each week, the advantages include:

  • Posts are permanently attached to your profile. The latest three posts are on your LinkedIn profile page. Your posts are located near the top of your profile – prime profile real estate!
  • Posts are a great way to educate your audience and share your expertise. They are not about “selling”. As my client was consulting to a specific industry, she could write posts that highlighted her expertise in that particular area.
  • You can grow your connection base and maintain visibility. Your posts will be visible to your network. When other people like, comment and share your posts, you will become visible in their networks, too.
  • LinkedIn posts are searchable within LinkedIn and Google. You can also include “tags”, which means your posts can be found using certain search terms.
  • In search results, your name, headline, photo and the title of your last two posts are visible. A strategically written post will appeal to your ideal audience.

In addition, Smartbug Media reported that 65% of journalists use social media sites such as LinkedIn to conduct research for stories. William Arruda wrote in the article, “Is LinkedIn Poised to Be the Next Media Giant?”: “LinkedIn is significantly changing the media landscape.”

If you have a LinkedIn account but you’re not creating posts, it’s a bit like having a gym membership but hardly ever going to the gym. You could be getting so much more out of it.

By creating targeted posts and articles, this client could support her positioning as an expert in her industry.