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National Corporate Business

Based in Sydney, this team owned and managed infrastructure and systems via their managed service solution. The team were specialists in their own field and wanted to utilise LinkedIn to demonstrate their expertise as a collective.

LinkedIn was the ideal platform for this business to position itself as authorities in their field.

Before working with the team, they had:

  • Inconsistencies in how key individuals were presented on LinkedIn and misalignment with the overarching marketing strategy.
  • Positioning that didn’t reflect their executive level of individual expertise and proven capabilities.
  • Limited knowledge on how to use LinkedIn in order to support their business.

Stage 1 was the implementation of a 3-point strategy:

  1. Working with the senior marketing business partner to create a targeted strategy to position the team’s authority and expertise.
  2. Develop profiles for key team members to be consistent with the overarching strategy.
  3. Engage in a training and development program to increase team member capability.

Step 1 – Create a Targeted Strategy

Created a targeted strategy to position their expertise in the corporate marketing that included visual elements.

Step 2 – Develop Consistent Profiles

We transformed key team member profiles to be uniformed and consistent with their marketing strategy. We worked with 15 executives and senior sales people to position themselves as the experts that they were.

Step 3: Engaged in a Training and Development

Once established, key team members were trained in using LinkedIn to increase their capabilities. This training was run over 6 weeks using Zoom.