National Corporate Business

Based in Brisbane, this team provided project management services to national clients and were experts in their field. They wanted to educate the market on the services that they offered and use it as a platform to reach out, connect and engage.

LinkedIn was the ideal platform for this business to position itself as authorities within their field.

Before working with the team, they had:

  • Inconsistencies in how key individuals were presented on LinkedIn and misalignment with the overarching marketing strategy.
  • Positioning that didn’t reflect the individual expertise and company offerings.
  • Limited social proof and demonstration of expertise and knowledge.


Stage 1 was the implementation of a 3-point strategy:

  1. Develop consistent profiles for key team members to be consistent with the overarching strategy.
  2. Create a targeted strategy to position the team’s authority and expertise.
  3. Engage in a training and development program to increase team member capability.

Step 1 – Develop consistent profiles

We transformed key team member profiles to be uniformed and consistent with their marketing strategy.

Step 2 – Create a targeted strategy

Created a targeted strategy to position their expertise in the corporate marketing that included visual elements.

Step 3: Engaged in a training and development

Once established, key team members were trained in using LinkedIn to increase their capability.

Client Feedback

“Kylie worked with our team to bring our business and team LinkedIn profiles into line with our brand and support our marketing. Her approach effectively combined insight, flexibility and discipline, and certainly helped educate a diverse team and improve our positioning. Kylie’s depth of experience is evident in her patience and persistence. This resulted in a great blend of individual personality and business brand alignment and equipped us with a repeatable toolkit as we grow.”