Using LinkedIn To Break into Corporate Markets

Based in Sydney, Ira is the founder of Imira. She had provided services to the domestic market and wanted to move into the corporate market. She specialises in leadership development for current and emerging leaders.

LinkedIn was the ideal platform to use for her business in order to position herself in the corporate market.

First article published on LinkedIn had 47 likes and 7 shares.

Before working with Ira on her LinkedIn Strategy she had:

  • A LinkedIn profile that looked like a resume as opposed to a sales tool.
  • Positioning that didn’t reflect her expertise and/or talk to her ideal audience.
  • Limited social proof and demonstration of expertise and knowledge.


Stage 1 was the implementation of a 3-point strategy:

  1. Develop her profile to be magnetic to her ideal audience.
  2. Create a targeted content management strategy to position her as an expert.
  3. Engage in a targeted messaging campaign.

Step 1: Develop Profile

We transformed Ira’s LinkedIn profile from looking like a resume to be an optimised sales and business development tool.

Step 2: Create A Content Management Strategy

Created and distributed content to position her as an authority in her area of expertise and provide opportunities for engagement.

Step 3: Engaged A Targeted Messaging Campaign

Once established, a warm messaging campaign was delivered to facilitate several one on one meetings.

Ira Shares Her Experience

“Prior to completing the program with Kylie, I had a basic understanding of the scope of LinkedIn. Throughout the program, we worked on developing my online strategy and combined with the tools and resources provided, I have experienced a significant increase of interest in my business. Kylie was very generous with her time and her skills and expertise were exactly what I was looking for and needed. Highly recommended! Thank you”