How to use LinkedIn to market events.

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2020 has seen a shift in how businesses market their events. Many member or community-based organisations have had to look alternatives to in-person events and alternate ways to market their events.

Think of an event as something more than just a physical meeting that people might attend.

An event can be a marketing event such as a Masterclass, book launch, webinar, or a paid, or free product events such as a meeting, conference or training.

Thinking about running a marketing or product event?

LinkedIn now reports there are 10 million + registered users in Australia (Feb 2020), so there is a good chance that some of your delegates or potential attendees will be on LinkedIn.

Eventbrite has also reported that:

25% of traffic to ticketing and registration comes from social media.

Here are 3 C’s to leverage LinkedIn to market your event.

Clarity – First of all, have clarity around the event, whom you want to attend, and the outcome they will achieve from attending the event. This will help in creating the content to promote the event.

When looking at who your potential audience is, be as specific as possible. This could be location-based or maybe a particular type of business or occupation. Be clear on what the outcome is for the audience, and what they will get out of attending your event.

Once you have clarity, you can create your content to promote your event.

Content – These are the messages that you will be sending out to market your event.

Plan your content pieces for before, during, and after the event. For example, before the event you could do countdown posts, during the event, you can share images and after the event, posts about how it went, thanking those who attended, guest speakers, and where appropriate, promote the next event. Remember your LinkedIn hashtags!

Once you have created the content, use channels to get the content to your audience.

Channels – These are the mediums you are going to use to get your message out there. Start with your LinkedIn personal profile, and LinkedIn company page (if you have one).

Other LinkedIn channels you can use are groups, events, messenger, Sales Navigator, paid ads, and stories. LinkedIn Events is a channel dedicated to helping you market your events. You can create an event from both a personal and company page.

With LinkedIn continuing to see growth in user sessions into Q3 2020, now is a great time to be looking at LinkedIn as an avenue to market your event.

Kylie Chown is a LinkedIn Coach and Trainer.

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She is a 2020 Finalist, Social Media Marketing Institute (SMMI) Awards Best Social Media Educator & Best Use of LinkedIn. Kylie was named #2 LinkedIn Expert in the Asia Pacific in 2019 as well as a 2019 Finalist in the Best Use of LinkedIn for the SMMI Awards across two campaigns.

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