2019 LinkedIn Review: The key changes that will impact your business

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2019 LinkedIn Review: The key changes that will impact your business

LinkedIn has been busy, busy, busy rolling out the changes and updates this year. 

As we are in the last quarter of 2019, let’s recap and look at some of the changes LinkedIn has implemented over the past year.  

To kick off the year, we saw several cosmetic changes. This included your contact information becoming more visible, and connections moving to the left. Both with a blue under the link to state it is a link. 

The About section (previously it was called the summary) moved below highlights. The number of characters shown before the ‘see more’ is 220 rather than the 300.

February kicked off with launching the much anticipated, LinkedIn Live Video

LinkedIn Live Video gave people and organisations the ability to broadcast real-time video to select groups, or to the LinkedIn world at large.

Setting up meetings got easier in March with LinkedIn allowing you to share your availability to schedule meetings using the calendar integration.

It also allows you to share a map location for your meeting.  

April saw the introduction of document and presentation uploading using LinkedIn Documents. With LinkedIn documents, you can upload documents and presentations such as PDFs and PowerPoints directly to your feed, in a group, or to your LinkedIn Page.

April also saw the announcement of LinkedIn Teammates. The Teammates feature helps you quickly add your current teammates on LinkedIn. 

Once you have added Teammates, LinkedIn will prioritise updates in your feed about your team’s activity on LinkedIn, such as posts, comments, likes, shares, and work anniversaries.

 The other addition was Employee Notifications.

Page admins can alert employees of important posts, which employees can then engage with or share with their LinkedIn network. 

 Keeping on company pages, LinkedIn also introduced the Completion Meter, helping you complete your company page. 

In June, LinkedIn introduced a number of new features to help you start conversations and build a community.

This included LinkedIn tags, LinkedIn reactions (5 emoji-based reactions) and video messages (extending from last year’s voice messages).

 In September, LinkedIn announced skill assessments to help you showcase your skills.

Announced in October, with LinkedIn Events, you are able to create and join professional events.

LinkedIn events allow you to invite your connections, manage your event, have conversations with other attendees, and stay in touch online after the event ends.

 November saw the featured that, was new and taken away, come back again. The option to invite people to like your company page.

The feature was available some years back, but was removed due to spam, then it got re-introduced as an option in May this year.

 Then it was removed again – but now, according to reports, it’s coming back once again, with all company pages set to have access to the option by the end of 2019.

 And that was just some of the new LinkedIn features for 2019. 

What has been the most valuable to your business?  

Have you got your LinkedIn Strategy for 2020 sorted?  

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