2020 LinkedIn Review: The key changes that will impact your business.

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LinkedIn has been busy, busy, busy rolling out the changes and updates this year while experiencing growth.

In Q1 of 2020, LinkedIn sessions increased 22 per cent year-over-year. In Q2 of 2020, LinkedIn revenue increased 21 per cent year-over-year

In March of 2020, professionals watched more than four million hours of LinkedIn Learning content — a nearly 50% increase month-over-month.

Also, LinkedIn Live streams have increased by 158% since February 2020.

As we are in the last quarter of 2020, let’s recap and look at some of the changes LinkedIn

has implemented over the past year, and how they affect you and your business.

1) Firstly, let’s look at LinkedIn Live.

According to LinkedIn, LinkedIn Live results in 7 times more reactions and 24 times more comments. You can go live as a personal or organisational page but you do need to apply. 

2) You can now post from your newsfeed as a company page or a personal profile. This means that you can easily switch from your personal profile to your company page and engage with content in a way that works for you.

3) This year LinkedIn introduced the featured section.  Appearing towards the top of your page, it is one of the first sections seen by anyone who views your profile. With the ability to include posts, articles, links and media, it is the ideal place to showcase particular items you would like to showcase. Here is what it looks like:

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4) With a focus on engagement, LinkedIn introduced Polls.

Polls provide another way for us to interact with our audience. Want to take a quick snapshot of what your audience is thinking, then polls are a useful way to do this. Allowing for a maximum of 4 responses with a limit of 30 characters per response.

5) For those of us with names that don’t always get pronounced how they are intended to sound, LinkedIn gave us the ability to record a pronunciation through the mobile app using LinkedIn pronunciation.

This feature is great for when you are meeting a new client or employer and want to get things right. It also allows you to include a short, audio introduction message.

Here is how to access the name pronunciation:

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6) LinkedIn Stories were introduced to Australia mid this year, LinkedIn Stories allows you to record a 20-second video or take a photo through the app, LinkedIn Stories allows us to share timely news such as a short product demo or what is happening in our professional life.

7) Create an event on LinkedIn and directly target your followers using the updated, LinkedIn Events. This feature is great to use for the marketing and promotion of an in-person or virtual event however it doesn’t handle ticketing of your event.

8) Company Page, View Followers is a new addition to the analytics tab on our company page now gives us the ability to see who is following our company page including individual members.

9 and 10 :)) LinkedIn has also introduced LinkedIn Messages Changes. You know that sinking feeling when you’ve pressed send and you realise there was a mistake in your message, you can now edit the message or delete an attachment sent by mistake.

Sometimes a picture says more than words, so you can now react to messages with an Emoji, as well as set an “away from office message” (if you have a premium account).

It had been 5 years since LinkedIn had redesigned the platform. 2020 saw an introduction of an overall updated look and feel.  

And these are only just some of the changes LinkedIn made in 2020!

As much as we features have been added, LinkedIn has removed find nearby, no longer sharing changes to past positions with your network (still sharing new jobs) or your calendar availability.

Let’s see what they have for us in 2021.

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Kylie Chown is a LinkedIn Coach and Trainer. She is a 2020 Finalist, Social Media Marketing Institute (SMMI) Awards Best Social Media Educator & Best Use of LinkedIn, was named #2 LinkedIn Expert in the Asia Pacific in 2019 as well as a 2019 Finalist in the Best Use of LinkedIn for the SMMI Awards across two campaigns.