9 Ways to manage your LinkedIn profile

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Over the last week, people have continued to look at online tools and platforms so it is important that you can manage your LinkedIn profile.

They have been looking at these tools for managing their business, teams, and relationships.

CNBC reported that,

“Web traffic spiked 20% in one week amid coronavirus shutdown”.

In addition, 66% of social media users believe their social media usage habits will increase in the event they are confined to their homes due to the Coronavirus.

What are some practical actions you can take on LinkedIn (and your other social media platforms) to manage your social platforms in an appropriate way?

For those of you who prefer a checklist, click here.

The checklist covers 9 ways to manage your LinkedIn profile across 3 key areas of plan, profile and participate.


The situation is ever-changing which makes planning hard (especially for a planner like me).

But even though now is a time to be reactive it is still important to plan your approach.

Review your profiles: Assess your social media presence. If you are in B2B services and haven’t updated your LinkedIn profile now is a great time to get online and use the platform to engage your audience.

Support others: Plan how you manage relationships with clients, partner and networks. If you do need to cancel or postpone a service you might like to consider leaving the service provider a review.

Online events: More and more events are going online. Plan what online events can you attend. Schedule then in your calendar and show up and engage like you would at a live event.


Your profile will be an anchor point for your digital first impression.

Now more than ever, it’s important that it reflects your current business service offerings.

Update your contact details: Make sure that you update any changes to your contact details during this time. This can include key business contacts and phone numbers.

Update your visuals: If your banner includes an image of you delivering a training workshop it is likely that this is not aligned with the service you are delivering now. Update your visuals across LinkedIn to reflect any changes.

Update your service delivery: Do you need to make any changes to reflect the change in service delivery or client engagement? For example, if you have put content online or offer remote meetings share this on social media.


LinkedIn is a great platform to participate in the online world.

Connect and engage: Social platforms are great at maintaining relationships with people. Who can you reach out to and connect and engage with?

Share content: Can you share relevant content with your audience BUT the value you bring comes when you add your commentary around it.

Engage your groups: Manage your community. If you have a LinkedIn group now is a great time to check-in with them.

Click here to download the checklist on how to manage your social media profile during this time.