“It depends”

During LinkedIn trainings over the last month, I have heard myself saying this on more than one occasion.

Some questions about LinkedIn (often the technical ones) do have a straight answer. For strategy questions, the answer is often, “it depends”.

For me, prescriptive strategy advice, “everyone should do this or that” or “I do it this way so you should too“, isn’t always the answer because, in some cases, it really does depend.

So, what does the answer to your LinkedIn strategy question depend on?

– Your goals, audience and what you want to achieve.

What you want to achieve might be different to what I want to achieve. In this case, what works for me might not work for you!

– Your resources including time, experience using LinkedIn, skill set and support.

What I recommend to someone new to LinkedIn is very different to an experienced user. Your strategy needs to meet you where you are.

Likewise, what I recommend to someone with a marketing support team, would be different to a solo business owner. Your strategy needs to be able to be implemented with the resources you have.

– Your enjoyment.

What do you like to do? It’s great to test and try different things. However, a content strategy that aligns with the types of content you like to produce, is more likely to do be sustainable in the long term.

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