LinkedIn Profile Launch Program outlines the exact process Kylie uses to create lead generating LinkedIn profiles with easy to follow lesson structure and implementation support.

I am super excited to invite you to the LinkedIn Profile Launch Program.  Here at Kylie Chown Consulting, we are all about using LinkedIn to generate leads, get more clients and grow your business.

If you want to use LinkedIn to grow your business this course will show you exactly what you need to do to your LinkedIn Profile to get you there.  Learn the proven LinkedIn profile development strategies that are being used in 2021 to grow businesses, position experts as authorities and achieve sustainable lead generation.

The program includes the exact step you need to take to build a lead generating LinkedIn profile.  Our fortnightly live, online training sessions will support you with implementation and answer any questions that you have.

You will gain immediate access to our private group. This is a place where businesses come to learn, encourage and grow using LinkedIn.

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What The Course Covers

Planning For Sustained Success

How to get found in Google and LinkedIn

Step by step training on the 5 areas of LinkedIn you must get right

Creating Your Lead Generating LinkedIn Profile

PLUS Closed online community

PLUS Fortnightly Q&A coaching calls

LinkedIn Profile Launch Program

People know there is an opportunity on LinkedIn.  But don’t know how.  They are time poor and don’t know where to begin.

LinkedIn Profile Launch Program will share with you the proven process I use for myself and my clients to create lead generating LinkedIn profiles.  A process that develops trust, positions as an authority and generates leads.  Without spamy sales strategies.

Did you know that LinkedIn generates more leads for service-based businesses than Facebook, Twitter or standalone blogs?

In fact, 80% of B2B marketing leads from social media come through LinkedIn.

If you are not getting results from your LinkedIn profile you are not tapping into one of the most powerful marketing tools at your fingertips.  This course is designed for those who know there is an opportunity on LinkedIn but don’t know how.  It provides the tools and strategies you need for a lead generating LinkedIn profile.

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