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Kylie Chown Consulting is committed to ensuring your business and personal information is handled in a way to provide confidentiality and privacy.

  •  Information shared with Kylie Chown Consulting is only used to understand you and your business and complete the tasks as requested. We will not sell, trade or otherwise share your personal or business information with any other parties, except in certain circumstances where this may be required to work with trusted third parties or as required by law. However, this will not be done so without the prior disclosure and approval from you.
  • We ensure that your intellectual property is handled with care and is taken seriously, and as such will not disclose without your prior approval.
  • All work, ideas, discoveries, inventions, patents, products, or other information developed or shared in whole or in part with Kylie Chown Consulting is the exclusive property of the Client, unless written request has been approved.
  • All information is handled in accordance to the Australian Privacy Policy (as derived from the Privacy Act 1988)
  • All printed material is shredded and electronic systems are password protected.

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