LinkedIn for Lead Generation for Organisations

Did you know that 90% of a decision is made before someone contacts you?
Ten pieces of content are consumed before someone decides to work with you.

• Do you want your team to sell using LinkedIn but don’t know how?
• Do you want lead generation?
• Do you want to reduce the sales cycle?
• Do you want to close faster?
• Are you afraid your team members will leave if their LinkedIn profiles are written for them?

LinkedIn and the need to manage your online personal brand are creating lots of questions in the workplace. It’s easy to lose time online, so it’s hard to know where to focus your energy for the best return on investment (ROI). Through this program, we provide solutions that involve educating you about LinkedIn and how to manage your professional presence in the digital space.

This half day workshop comes with a number of additional inclusions:

  • LinkedIn profile written. This includes a phone meeting with you and the communications team to ensure we establish the correct guidelines for profiles. Search engine optimisation for your title, summary, skills and expertise and current role. Each participant will be involved in the creation of their profile. Our aim is to take the hard work out of it so it doesn’t distract you from core business activities. Uploading of profile to LinkedIn for each participant. Again, this will save time so it doesn’t impact the organisation’s schedule.
  • Thirty-minute interview with each participant. This is to capture the best elements of their online personal brand, so that their profile displays personality as well as professionalism.
  • Follow-up one-on-one coaching session. This will be conducted via phone or Skype for 30 minutes to answer questions and help participants manage their new profile and build leads.
  • Three fortnightly one-hour follow-up webinars. This allows your team to interact and connect with me to share learnings and ask questions.


How long does it take?

The program generally takes 90 days to undertake. If you are doing a shorter program, then the time will be shorter, but if you decide to do the full platinum program, the overall process generally takes 90 days.

Who owns the profiles?

The individual owns their profile. They have the ultimate choice as to the content that goes on their profile. You can’t make someone have your content on their LinkedIn profile, which is why the level of engagement your team has with your business is so crucial to this process. If you have lower engagement with your team, this program will be more challenging than you might think. However, if you have high engagement with your team, this process will move fairly smoothly and easily. If, at the end of the program, the individual chooses not to have the content on their profile, that is their choice. You do not own their profile.

How do you get people to agree to have content about the business on their page?

Having run so many of these programs and going through a lot of trial and error, we’ve found the best way to get people to agree to have content on their page is to help them realise that they don’t have to do it. It’s also important for them to attend the workshop first. The workshop helps us helps us explain to them why this process works, and then they can choose to come on board or they can choose not to. You may find some individuals will be a little skeptical of the process. That’s completely fine. What I encourage those who feel unsure or nervous about LinkedIn to do is have a chat with me. There is no pressure for them to be involved.

Can the team write their own profiles?

Our experience is that it is very challenging to get individuals to write their own profiles. The search engine optimisation keyword checks and capture analysis, which forms the basis of writing a profile, is very difficult. Our belief and experience is that your business and team members are better to focus on their core business activities. Our recommendation is that we write the profile for them. We could show them, but it’s like teaching someone how to build their own website. It’s easier to get an expert to do it. We work collaboratively with them so they get to choose what is on their profile, but we recommend that we write it for them.

How will I know if it’s working?

If you opt for the full platinum process, at the beginning we run a diagnostic based on your business and team members’ existing online profiles. You will then receive a weekly report so you can see exactly what’s going on and how things are progressing. We provide feedback about any actions that need to be taken and raise issues along the way. If the individual is creating conversations and integrating LinkedIn into their sales process, then it will be working.

How many sales can we expect?

There is a specific model we use to show you how you will get a return on investment. It is dependent on the performance of your sales team. If you have a high-performing sales team, then they will be able to get LinkedIn to work quickly for them and there will be less work involved. If you have a low-performing sales team or they have low close rates, that will tell us how much content they need write and how much activity they need to undertake to get their sales results to increase. I can give you the benchmarks and the numbers that will make that work.

What if a team member leaves?

If a team member leaves, they are responsible for their own profile. We provide support for the social media manager, marketing manager and sales manager to help them develop an exit strategy. We will discuss issues such as recommendations and who owns the team members’ contacts.


You can also contact us here if you have any questions.

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