Now, more than ever, people are learning about businesses online before they connect in person. This makes building brand awareness, establishing trust and maintaining a positive reputation critical, but how can this be done in today’s noisy online world?

More importantly, how can it be done in a meaningful way?

Well, the answer is simple. With people.

People connect with people. People trust people.

Positioned as a ‘professional network’, LinkedIn offers a platform where you can become a business that connects with your people, your community. Online exposure can build the trust of potential employees by offering a place where people can engage with your brand.

So, how exactly does LinkedIn help you to attract candidates?

It builds brand visibility.

According to Social Media Today, posts by employees achieve 8 times the engagement of content shared directly by a brand. Want to increase your brand visibility? Support your team to increase the targeted activities of your employees.

If your employees have targeted connections and engage with these people in a planned, purposeful manner, they will be able to increase your LinkedIn visibility and grow your exposure within your target market. If your LinkedIn visibility grows, so does your brand visibility.

It improves trust.

One of the biggest benefits of social media is its capacity to portray your business more humanly. On LinkedIn, this is achieved when employees interact with their followers regularly, offering face, humanized value to the company’s identity. Externally, your brand becomes less abstract and more human, allowing you to build trust and emotional connections with customers, peers, investors and potential employees.

It establishes a positive culture

LinkedIn can support you to establish a positive culture. By championing a positive culture, an organisation can improve employee to company engagement.
A positive culture gives team members the environment they need to position themselves as leaders, in turn supporting talent acquisition and retention. This has been backed up by tangible results, with LinkedIn reporting that:

Companies with employee advocacy programs are 58% more likely to attract quality talent.

Despite the benefits, some employers remain wary of social media, even blocking their staff from using online platforms. This type of policy can develop a culture of distrust and be detrimental to morale and corporate culture.

There’s no denying that designing and implementing a company LinkedIn strategy sounds overwhelming, and it’s true that it requires time and energy. But it is also true that LinkedIn can enhance culture by providing an easily accessible source of information where all staff can stay informed, be motivated by company activities, celebrating achievements, and build relationships, both internally and externally. If you focus on these benefits, LinkedIn can improve relationships within your team.

TechRepublic offers the following advice, “See how it affects performance and morale and then decide whether it’s a perk worth keeping.”

How does LinkedIn help an organisation to leverage its brand and attract candidates?

Social professional networks are the #1 source of quality hires followed by internet job boards and employee referrals. Companies that make active efforts to promote their work culture online have a positive impact on jobseekers.

Over 69% of job seekers are more likely to apply to a company that has an online presence for their company culture.

Your brand can be leveraged through the following elements.

Company Page

Your company page is a great place to showcase your team, the culture and your organisation. You can use your company page and content strategy to position your business as a place someone would want to work.

Use your LinkedIn company page to give insight to potential team members through employee testimonials, behind the scenes and more. If you have built your company page to exemplify your employer brand and you have a large, relevant following, this can absolutely work to your advantage.

Create Professional Profiles

Ensure that the key people in the recruitment process have their LinkedIn profiles up-to-date. These people will be brand ambassadors and it is imperative that they are positioned correctly.

A potential team member can learn a lot about their potential new manager, the organisational leadership and their team members using LinkedIn.


With 87% of passive and active candidates open to new opportunities, a structured content, management strategy is an effective way to communicate with potential applicants.

Some ideas include what it’s like to work there, meet the team and behind the scenes features.

Can LinkedIn be used to promote current vacancies?

LinkedIn has its very own job posting function, allowing you to share open positions with the broader professional network of your organisation and employees. There’s no better way to attract candidates than by appealing to a relevant target audience that is already engaged with your organisation.
The important thing to remember is that team members can share your job posts! Encourage all staff to post job ads so that they become visible to their networks, further extending your reach.

You can also search for passive candidates by looking for talent in similar roles to the ones you are recruiting. With passive candidates making up a decent portion of the candidate pool, it’s worth targeting this audience via LinkedIn to ensure you are engaging the best candidates.
Still not convinced that LinkedIn is hugely beneficial when it comes to candidate attraction?
Let me finish with a couple of interesting stats.

It has been found that new employees sourced through LinkedIn are 40% less likely to leave a company within the first 6 months.

It has also been found that 75% of people who recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to inform their career decision.

Both of these demonstrate just how important a role LinkedIn is playing in today’s talent acquisition market. If you only want the best for your organisation, we suggest getting active on LinkedIn and incorporating it into your candidate attraction strategy.

Kylie Chown is the current #2 LinkedIn expert in Asia-Pac, 2021 and 2020 Finalist Best Social Media Educator & Best Use of LinkedIn, Australia’s first Certified Social Media Crisis Advisor and founder of My Digital Brand, helping professionals, businesses and corporates create a world-class digital brand.
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