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Workshops and Training

Speaking, Workshops and Training

Training and workshops for global conferences, professional associations, events and corporate teams.

Empower attendees to harness potential through social media and LinkedIn workshops and training.

Leveraging your LinkedIn profile for impact.

Don’t just be seen, be remembered.

For attendees to embark on a transformative journey to elevate their LinkedIn profile from a mere online resume to a dynamic digital footprint. Highlighting their expertise, cultivating meaningful connections, and unlocking a world of opportunities.

Learning outcomes: 

  • Recognise the direct correlation between your LinkedIn profile strength, activity, and visibility on the platform.
  • Develop the capability to craft a compelling, keyword-rich headline, summary, experiences, education, and accomplishments with a focus on accentuating key achievements and roles.
  • Understand the significance of consistent and quality content in establishing authority and fostering an engage community.
  • Grasp the importance of personalised networking approaches and develop the skill to craft impactful connection messages.
  • Learn effective ways to engage in groups and communities, maximising opportunities for connection and learning.

My LinkedIn has grown 697.9% since the workshop. I feel more empowered to use it and connect with others.

Event Attendee

Harnessing LinkedIn for growth and connection.

A journey to growth & connection starts today.

For attendees to step into the world of LinkedIn connection with confidence. Learning actionable strategies that amplify their professional brand visibility, forge genuine connections and relationships, and ensure continuous growth in their chosen field.

Learning outcomes: 

  • Recognise LinkedIns unique positioning in the digital space and its advantages over other platforms.
  • Master the techniques to enhance LinkedIn profiles, understanding the importance of the headline, summary, and experience sections.
  • Learn about various content types suitable for LinkedIn and determine the most effective formats for their goals.
  • Learn and employ strategies for authentic engagement, including commenting, sharing, and initiating valuable conversations.
  • Acquire methods to build meaningful and strategic connections.

Kylie delivered an awesome presentation for PMI Queensland members at one of our events. The audience loved her and valued her insights. We received a lot of good feedback for her stellar presentation.

I look forward to working with Kylie again in further opportunities.

PMI Queensland.

Cultivating LinkedIn for business.

Redefine LinkedIn to unlock business potential.

For attendees to equip themselves with the indispensable knowledge and skills to turn LinkedIn into a powerhouse for business. Learn the pivotal knowledge and skills to drive brand acceleration, amplify visibility and generate business leads.

Learning outcomes: 

  • Recognise the significance of LinkedIn in the B2B landscape.
  • Develop an ability to critically evaluate and enhance LinkedIn business profiles/ personal pages for maximum impact and discoverability.
  • Implement  structured content calendar tailored to business objectives and audience preferences.
  • Craft compelling outreach messages that result in higher response rates and utilize LinkedIn analytics to measure, refine, and enhance lead generation efforts.
  • Adjust content, engagement, and lead generation strategies based on data insights for continual improvement.

With the pandemic having put a stop to conferences and marketing opportunities, I needed to find someone who could help train my colleagues in the best way to use LinkedIn for pushing and sharing our marketing message. Kylie designed a specific training course four our business in line with our business model and helped me convince the staff that it was the right way to move forward.

Thanks to Kylie’s help my marketing message is being spread and business is improving.

Inhouse Training Client

Running your Social Media Crisis playbook.

Safeguard your brand’s reputation.

For attendees to strengthen their confidence in proactively identifying and mitigating potential social media threats. Equipping themselves with strategies to adeptly manage crises, ensuring that brand integrity and the trust t stand unwavering.

Learning outcomes: 

  • Define and differentiate between various levels of social media issues, from minor incidents to full-blown crises.
  • Craft responsive, transparent, and empathetic messages during high-pressure situations.
  • Reflect on and evaluate a brand’s crisis response to extract lessons and insights.
  • Develop long-term strategies to regain trust and rebuild a tarnished reputation.
  • Advocate for and cultivate a culture of transparency, accountability, and preparedness within an organisation.

She was fantastic in helping me develop our strategy and provide key advice and tips to get the most out of the strategy. I appreciated her knowledge and insights, and her enthusiasm and energy made our time together enjoyable and productive.

Training Coordinator.

Taking control of your digital first impression.

Make every online moment count!

For attendees to master the art of shaping their digital first impression to resonate powerfully. Ensuring it not only aligns with their goals but leaves a lasting, positive impact that works 24/7 and becomes their ever-present ambassador.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the importance and consequences of first digital impressions in today’s interconnected world.
  • Identify the impact of various digital platforms, such as social media, personal websites, and digital publications, on one’s online image.
  • Develop strategies to use these platforms effectively to enhance or correct one’s digital first impression.
  • Understand the significance of consistency in messaging, visuals, and engagement across various digital touchpoints.
  • Develop habits for regular digital audits, ensuring that one’s online presence remains positive and relevant.

Kylie gave us practical and actionable steps to build each of our social media profiles, integrate them into the business and collaborate as a team. It was fun, interactive, clear and practical. I look forward to working with Kylie to further up skill the team.

Inhouse Team Training

1:1 Social Media and LinkedIn Strategy Workshops for teams.

Outcomes driven strategy implemented.

Utilising a top-down approach, we’ll transform your business objectives into a tailored, results-driven strategy that translates into tangible business outcomes. Moreover, we’ll ensure your team is adeptly trained for its seamless implementation.

The half day strategy is your opportunity to work together with a social media expert, where I facilitate a strategy that’s tailored to your business goals and objectives.

Although we focus on LinkedIn, the strategies can be applied across your broader social media.

Applying a top-down approach, we take your business goals and create a customised social media marketing plan.  Together, we create an actionable, strategic focused plan that converts to business outcomes.

As a result of working with Kylie on a business strategy, I now understand the what, why, who, when and how to utilise LinkedIn to generate maximum returns. Since Kylie’s involvement, mentoring and guidance my returns are now significant, I am talking to the right people about services that meet my client’s needs, the enquiry rate has increased by more than 400% and my company visibility has increased substantially. I would highly recommend working with Kylie to all and any business who wants to take the confusion, frustration and lack of results out of their daily routine. If you want results, then Kylie certainly demystifies the grey area around digital marketing, specifically LinkedIn.

Business Client

Leveraging LinkedIn : A Modern Marketer’s Masterclass

Strategies and insights shaping the digital landscape.

For attendees to master the art of shaping their digital first impression to resonate powerfully. Ensuring it not only aligns with their goals but leaves a lasting, positive impact that works 24/7 and becomes their ever-present ambassador.

Learning outcomes:

  • Unpacking the latest statistics and understanding the continuous algorithm updates.
  • Assessing the influence of Artificial Intelligence on the platform.
  • Exploring LinkedIn’s approach to implementing new features and updates.
  • Sharing the current criteria for content prioritisation on LinkedIn.
  • Delving into data and analytics for strategic insights.
  • Along with  Strategies for empowering their clients to maximize their LinkedIn success.

Kylie came to the agency to do a training session on the latest tools within LinkedIn. Great information and allround fantastic session. Thank you Kylie, invaluable.

Agency Owner